If you have waited for a decision for more than six months

Each case should be processed as quickly and effectively as possible, but sometimes it can take longer – for example, if we need to more thoroughly examine your case.

If you have waited over six months for a decision in a case that you have introduced yourself, you have the right to present a written request that the agency must decide the case. Once we have received your request, we must assess it within four weeks. You may only submit one request while Arbetsförmedlingen is processing your case.

  • If we have all the information we need, we can make a decision in your case.
  • If we do not have all the information, our decision will be that it is not possible to decide on your case. You will then receive an explanation of why it is not possible.

If you wish for a decision on a case that you have introduced, fill out the form “Request to decide a case” (Begäran om att avgöra ett ärende). Send the form to this address:

FE 8050
107 67 Stockholm

Remember to fill in your name, personal identity number, address, telephone number and which case you wish the agency to decide on (give the case number or serial number if possible).

Alternatively, you can opt to have your case resolved via email by sending your request to registrator@arbetsformedlingen.se. Please bear in mind that it's not safe to transmit sensitive personal information through email. Any information you send to us via email becomes a public document, accessible to anyone who requests it. However, if you've shared sensitive data, it's generally safeguarded under confidentiality measures.

Form for request to decide a case (in Swedish) Pdf, 359 kB.