Request compensation for damages

Arbetsförmedlingen can settle certain claims for damages that are made against the agency. The idea is to relieve the courts from having to hear certain cases where there is actually no dispute but it is evident that Arbetsförmedlingen has committed an error justifying damages, meaning that the applicant is entitled to some form of compensation.

If you request compensation for damages

For damages to be paid out requires more than Arbetsförmedlingen having committed an error. To put it simply, it must be shown that Arbetsförmedlingen has obviously departed from applicable rules and procedures.

If you consider that Arbetsförmedlingen has caused you some form of damage or injury, it is possible to make a written request to Arbetsförmedlingen for damages.

If you wish to request compensation for damages, it is important that you describe:

  • the way in which you believe that Arbetsförmedlingen has committed an error or been negligent
  • when this occurred
  • what damage or injury the error has caused you. If you are requesting financial compensation, you should demonstrate that the sum requested corresponds to the damage or injury you have suffered (for example by means of receipts, calculations or other supporting documents).

Remember to write your name, personal identity number, address and telephone number.

Send your request to:

Enheten Programjuridik
FE 8050
107 67 Stockholm

More about how we process personal data

Here you can find out how we process personal data in our other activities, what rights you have in respect of Arbetsförmedlingen’s processing of personal data and contact details for us and our data protection officer.

How we process your personal data