Report suspected benefit fraud

You can let Arbetsförmedlingen know here if you suspect that an employer receiving financial support from us is cheating. You can submit the information anonymously. We investigate all cases.

Examples of benefit fraud

  • The person for whom the employer receives financial support for has to pay back all or part of their salary to the employer.
  • The person for whom the employer receives financial support does not work for the employer.
  • The employer that receives financial support is not conducting any business or does not have any premises for the business.

Submit your report

Do not fill in your name, phone number or e-mail address if you want to submit the report anonymously. Whoever is affected by the tip always has the right to see what you have written, including your name if you have provided it.

Do not use the form if your identity is protected. If so, call us instead.

All mandatory fields are marked with (mandatory information).

Form for submitting tips about benefit fraud

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You must consent to us receiving your contact details


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What does Arbetsförmedlingen need to know?

  • We need to know the name of the employer referred to in the report. Consequently, you have to provide as much detail as many details as you can about the employer: name, address, personal identity or organisation registration number, phone number, company name and website.
  • We need to know what the suspected benefit fraud involves and the period in which it occurred.
  • If you provide your contact details this will simplify our investigation.
  • You can submit the information anonymously. However, the person or company referred to in the report is normally entitled to read what you have written so remember to not write anything that may reveal who you are.


All information you send to us becomes a public document. Through the disclosure of documents, the general public is given the right to access public documents, with the exception of data that is classified.