Insurance and compensation for damage or loss when you take part in a programme

When you take part in one of Arbetsförmedlingen’s programmes, you are in some cases covered by personal and group life insurance through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) and the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV). The insurance does not apply when you take part in a support programme for starting up a business.

The organiser of a programme can also apply for compensation if you have caused damage or loss to the company.

Personal injury insurance

Kammarkollegiet will decide the compensation in accordance with the conditions stated in the "Agreement on compensation for personal injury" (PSA).

You report the injury by:

  • Completing the form "Person in labour market policy measures" which can be found on Kammarkollegiet's website.
  • Asking Arbetsförmedlingen to fill in their part of the form.
  • Both you and the organiser signing the form.
  • Attaching receipts and a description of all the costs you have incurred in connection with the injury.
  • Sending the completed form together with the receipts to Kammarkollegiet.

The organiser must report work injuries to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket) in accordance with the rules of the Swedish Work Environment Act and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations.

Occupational group life insurance (TGL)

This group life insurance applies in the event of your death.

Visit SPV’s website to learn more about the occupational group life insurance policies that apply when you take part in one of Arbetsförmedlingen’s programmes.

Compensation for damage or loss

If you have accidentally caused damage or loss, the organiser can apply for compensation via Arbetsförmedlingen. If you think the organiser's description of what happened is not correct, you can submit your own report to Arbetsförmedlingen.