Compensation for travel expenses

If you are going to a job interview in a place other than where you live, you can receive compensation for travel and accommodation costs. If you are taking part in a programme or investigation in another place, you can also receive compensation. You must contact Arbetsförmedlingen and receive a decision before travelling.

Travel allowance for a job interview

When you are going to a job interview, you can receive compensation for travel and accommodation costs if you meet the following conditions.


  • are aged 20 or over and are, or risk becoming, unemployed
  • are registered with us as a jobseeker
  • have difficulty finding a job close to where you live
  • can demonstrate that an employer has asked you to visit them.


  • we must decide that the visit is necessary for you to be able to get the job
  • the job must be listed in the Job Bank or equivalent in the country in the EU or EEA where you are seeking work. The job can also be listed on the Eures website.

How to get a decision and book

  1. Before you travel, you must contact Arbetsförmedlingen on 0771-416 416. You need to contact us by no later than two working days before travel within Sweden and by no later than four working days before travel in the EU/EEA.
  2. We will investigate whether you meet all the conditions and we will then decide whether you are entitled to compensation.
  3. After we decide, we can then book flights within the EU or EEA and train travel in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. You can also book travel yourself and receive reimbursement for your expenses afterwards.

How much travel allowance can I receive?

You can receive up to a maximum of SEK 2,500 for travel and accommodation.

Travel allowance when you participate in a programme

You can receive compensation if you are traveling to a place outside normal commuting distance if you

  • are registered for any of our programmes
  • receive Employability Rehabilitation
  • are undergoing testing or investigation before starting a programme.

You can receive compensation for either same-day travel or a return travel ticket and certain compensation for accommodation and additional costs for twin accommodation. If the programme or investigation lasts for longer than 30 days, you can also receive compensation for one trip home per month.

You can also receive a travel allowance for travel to and from us before a decision on an integration programme.

How to get a decision and book

Arbetsförmedlingen must decide whether you are entitled to a travel allowance before you travel. Call us on 0771-416 416 to find out whether you are entitled to a travel allowance and to get a decision.

How much travel allowance can I receive?

  • For daily travel, you can receive compensation for the part of the travel cost that is over SEK 600 per month, or for the part that is over the normal daily commuting cost where you live.
  • You can receive an accommodation allowance of SEK 110 per day, up to a maximum of SEK 2,400 per month. You can also receive compensation for one journey at the start of the programme and another when the programme ends, as well as one return journey home per month.
  • You can also receive full compensation for expenses if you travel to and from us before a decision on an integration programme.

How to apply for compensation for your expenses

You apply for compensation afterwards.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My Pages using your e-identification (such as Mobile BankID).
  2. If we have decided that you are entitled to compensation, you will see an option named ‘Compensation for travel’. If you have not had a decision that you are entitled to compensation, this option will not be shown.
  3. Click ‘Compensation for travel’ and fill in the information according to the instructions in the digital service.
  4. When you have finished, sign with e-identification.

If you do not have a computer or electronic identification

If for some reason you cannot apply for compensation on-line, you can call us on 0771-416 416.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a mileage reimbursement?

If you have been granted travel with your own vehicle, you can apply for a mileage reimbursement after travel. You do not need to include any receipts.

If you have been granted travel for participation in a programme, you will only receive compensation for the days when you needed to travel to and from the organiser. Apply for your mileage reimbursement the month after you have travelled and fill in the number of travel days. One travel day corresponds to one return journey.

What time period should I enter when I apply for compensation for my travel expenses by public transport?

Start from the month when you travelled or started the journey(s). The period must be the same as the month specified in the application on My Pages.

If you have a travel pass that extends over a new month, you specify dates from the first day of validity until the last date of validity of the travel pass.

When do I need to save receipts?

If you have paid for travel or accommodation yourself, you need to save receipts to support your expenses. You must attach the receipts when you apply for compensation. The receipts must include date of purchase, validity period and how much you paid.

When will I receive the money?

In order for us to be able to pay your compensation, you first need to fill out an application for compensation, after which you will receive your money. Normally you will receive the money within a few working days. If your application needs to be supplemented, it may take a bit more time before you receive the money.

How will I receive my money?

Swedbank handles the payments. If you have a bank account connected to your personal identity number, the money will be deposited there regardless of which bank you have. Swedbank will send you a message with information about the payment.

If you do not have a bank account, you will receive a giro payment order in the post instead.

If you have received a giro payment order and want the next payment to be deposited in your bank account you must contact Swedbank. You can register your account on Swedbank’s website.

The payment date that is shown in the digital service ‘Compensation for travel’ on My Pages is the date when we make the payment. It can take a few days after this before the money is deposited in your account or you receive a payment order.

Can my escort also receive a reimbursement?

Yes, if you need an escort in connection with your travel, your escort can receive reimbursement for their travel expenses, subsistence, accommodation costs and loss of earnings.

Why have I received a decision stating I am liable to make a repayment?

If you give us erroneous information, cannot support travel with valid receipts or have otherwise caused a reimbursement to be paid out erroneously or at an amount that is too high, you may be liable to make a repayment.

I have heard about reimbursement for commuting and a resettlement allowance. Is that support still in place?

No, reimbursement for commuting and the resettlement allowance are no longer in place.

I am no longer registered with Arbetsförmedlingen; what do I do to apply for compensation after travel via My Pages?

It is not possible to apply for compensation via My Pages if you are no longer registered with Arbetsförmedlingen. Call us on 0771-416 416 so that we can help you.

Will compensation for travel with my own vehicle be increased?

Compensation from Arbetsförmedlingen for travel with your own vehicle is still SEK 1.85 per kilometre. Compensation from Arbetsförmedlingen should not be confused with the Swedish Tax Agency’s increase in tax reduction for travel to and from work.

Where do I turn if I have further questions?

If you have questions that have not been answered here, you are welcome to contact us. Tell us that your question is about reimbursement of travel expenses.