APIs, open data and open source code

This page contains information about how you can access Arbetsförmedlingen’s partner APIs, open data and open source code. Our APIs can be used by those who are our partners. Our open data and open source code is free for anyone to use.

APIs, open data and open source code help developers, journalists, researchers and our partners to analyse and build digital services – which in turn benefits society and is of value to the general public.

Partner APIs

APIs (requires identification, access is granted after authentication) can be found on our collaboration portal. They can be used by partners of Arbetsförmedlingen.

Partnership portal for APIs (arbetsformedlingense.force.com/apiportal) (in Swedish)

Open data

Arbetsförmedlingen’s open data is published in our portal JobTech Development. Open data is available to those who develop digital services, want to find new partnerships or gain deeper insight into the labour market. The portal contains APIs, data sets, standards and open-source code, all of which available for anyone to use. Here you can also share data and source code that other people may have use of.

JobTech Development portal for open data (jobtechdev.se)

Öppen källkod

Open source code or open software often refers to computer programs whose source code is available for anyone to use, read, modify and redistribute.

Several systems from Arbetsförmedlingen are found on a developer platform for open source code - Gitlab. The source code is tagged with an open approved license which is the requirement to achieve the designation open source.

The developer platform (gitlab.com)

Possible application scenarios in the developer platform right now:

Review the questions in the test - Test if you meet the conditions for new start jobs (gitlab.com) (in Swedish)

Public organisation that want to reuse the Arbetsförmedlingen's design system (gitlab.com) (in Swedish)

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about our APIs, open data and open source code. You will find contact details in each portal.