Apply for Jobbsprånget, an internship programme for foreign academics

Publicerad: 2024-06-18

16 July – 16 August you can apply for Jobbsprånget, a 4 month-long internship programme for foreign academics. The internship takes place in, for example, industry, IT and telecom.

Kvinnlig ingenjör under arbete

Arbetsförmedlingen has interviewed Laras Piniji, digital communications manager at Jobbsprånget about the internship programme for newcomer academics in Sweden.

Can you tell us a little bit about Jobbsprånget?

– Jobbsprånget is an advanced 4 month-long internship programme that connects foreign academics with employers in Sweden. Jobbsprånget works at a fast-track for foreign academics to enter the Swedish labour market.

Laras Piniji

Who can apply to Jobbsprånget?

– Jobbsprånget is a programme for those who are university or college graduates, born outside of EU or other European Countries. The programme targets mainly engineers, people with a background in economics, finance or accounting, talents with a background in natural sciences, and architects.

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Are there openings even for other talents?

– Since the programme is getting bigger and bigger and more employers are participating, we are also welcoming many more talents. For example, talents in IT, Human Resources, Pharmacy, Marketing & Communications, Environment & Sustainability, Project Management, and many many more. So, I would say that there’s something for everybody. Since we started Jobbsprånget in 2016, 2,650 foreign academics have done internships through Jobbsprånget. 7 out of 10 participants get a job after jobbsprånget

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Can you give an example of what the interns get to do during the internship?

– We have had 600 employers participating in Jobbsprånget. The tasks are on par with the professional and educational background of the participants. We have engineers working as project managers and ICTsystem developers, for example. We have architects working with urban planning and urban development projects. We have roles in software development, software testing, accounting, recruitment, tech recruitment, and many, many more.

Why do an internship instead of going straight to a job?

– We have seen that it is difficult for foreign academics to enter the Swedish labour market. Jobbsprånget is a programme that can speed up their process of entering the labour market.

So jobbsprånget can make it easier to get a job?

– This advanced internship programme pays off, 7 out of 10 participants get a job after Jobbsprånget. It’s a really good way to learn about the Swedish labour market and experience first-hand how it is to work with a Swedish company or organisation.

About Jobbsprånget


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In this film you will learn more about the four month-long internship programme called Jobbsprånget and how to apply.

How to apply for Jobbsprånget?

  • Firstly, you need to register a profile with your personal details in the application portal at This requires a valid BankID, and can be done at any time (even when the application is closed).
  • When the application is open, 16 July – 16 August, login to your Jobbsprånget account. All the available internships will be present and you can apply to those matching your profile and preferences.