High demand for skilled European labour in northern Sweden

Northern Sweden has become a hub for companies investing in new technology to adapt to climate change. Employers in various sectors are on the lookout for skilled workers across Europe. If you want to be part of this, the timing is perfect for you to come to northern Sweden.

Climate investment creates many jobs in northern Sweden

Thanks to the region’s abundant natural resources (ore, wind, water, forests) and infrastructure developments (electricity, railways, shipping), several large companies are establishing themselves in northern Sweden. These focus on basic industry and transitioning to more environmentally-friendly processes.

Because of these investments, the demand for labour is high, including in the service, education, and healthcare sector. All kinds of skills are in demand and this will only increase in the future.

The expansion in northern Sweden is unique in modern times and offers great opportunities for jobseekers in Europe.

The green transition in northern Sweden


2 minutes 29 seconds

This video presents key factors of the green transition happening in northern Sweden. What seemed impossible only a few years ago is becoming reality. But why northern Sweden? What’s driving the green transition here? Video from Swedish Institute.

Find vacant jobs in northern Sweden

Employeers are on the lookout for skilled workers such as electricians, mechanics, operators, technicians, industrial workers, engineers, assistant nurses, healthcare workers, teachers, veterinarians, IT professionals and staff within transport, hospitality and many more professions and sectors.

Job vacancies in northern Sweden's two counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten are listed here:

Jobs in Västerbotten and Norrbotten (in Swedish)

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Targeted Mobility Scheme makes it easy to move within Europe

The EU mobility scheme Targeted Mobility Scheme makes it easier for you to move and work in Europe. The scheme aims to match skilled candidates across Europe with employers with hard-to-fill vacancies, and offers mobility services and financial support.

Targeted Mobility Scheme

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