Arbetsträning med handledare

An opportunity for those who have an ongoing introduction plan to try out a job, with the extra support of a supervisor in the workplace.


Work training with a supervisor, arbetsträning med handledare, is a support for those who have recently arrived in Sweden and have a current etableringsplan. You can try out a job at an employer while receiving additional support from a supervisor. The purpose of the work training is to give you the opportunity to practise your trade or profession, try out a new trade or profession or get experience of working in Sweden. You can combine work training with other support, such as Swedish for immigrants (SFI).

You can train at work with a supervisor for up to 6 months.

For whom

Work training with a supervisor is for those who registered with us before 1 January 2018 and have a current etableringsplan. It is for those who have little or no experience of Swedish working life and who need work training and supervision.

How it works

  • Contact us if you are interested in work training. Together, we will work out which workplace is best for you.
  • The employer appoints a supervisor to assist you in the workplace.
  • Before you begin your work training, we draw up an agreement with you, the employer and the supervisor. This describes, among other things, what support you need, your work tasks and working hours and how long you will participate in work training.

Financial support

You keep your etableringsersättning during work training.



The etableringsersättning includes insurance cover. This cover is maintained during work training.

How to take the next step

Contact us

Prepare yourself to explain why the support could increase your job opportunities.


We review your situation together. An employment officer assesses whether the support is a good way to increase your job opportunities.


What support we can offer you depends on what your situation looks like. Who is entitled to any kind of support is ultimately regulated by the government.