Forms and certificates

Common forms and certificates for job seekers.

When applying for unemployment benefit

For new report, change report and yearly report:

Report your unemployment to your unemployment benefit office

Were you employed before you became unemployed? In such case, your former employer must fill in an employer’s certificate and send it to your unemployment benefit office:

Employer’s certificate

Were you self-employed before you became unemployed? In such case, you must fill in a business owner work certificate and send it to your unemployment benefit office:

Business owner work certificate

Have you satisfied a working condition while at the same time receiving activity grant? In such case, use this form and send it to your unemployment benefit office:

Request from unemployment benefit for certification of working condition

If you are unemployed, you can receive your Swedish unemployment benefit while seeking work in another country in the EU, EEA or Switzerland. In such case, you need Certificate U2 from IAF:

Certificate to seek work in the EU

When you are unable to report activities on the website

Every month, you are required to submit an activity report where you make a report for the prior month’s activities. You must submit your activity report no earlier than the 1st and no later than the 14th of each month. The easiest way to report your activities is on our website or the Mina sidor/My Pages app. To be able to do this, you will need to log in with an e-identification (such as a mobile bank ID for example).

If you do not currently have an e-identification, you can download and print out the Aktivitetsrapport form. Submit the form at the nearest Swedish Public Employment Service office or send it to the office via the post. It is not permissible to submit the form via e-mail.


When you are eligible for New Start Jobs

When an employer wants to hire you through the New Start Jobs programme, you need to fill in and submit this form:

Form of compilation of certificates

New Start Jobs forms for the employer to fill in:

Application for New Starts Job (via form)

Application for New Starts Job (via BankID)

Extension application (via form)

Extension application (via BankID)

Notice of change for employment with New Starts Job

Application for compensation when taking part in support or a programme

When you take part in our support or programmes you can receive payment in the form of activity grant, development allowance or introduction benefit. You apply for compensation once a month from Försäkringskassan:

Försäkringskassan forms

If you are dissatisfied with a decision

If you are not satisfied with a decision we have made, you can request that we reconsider the decision:

Here is what to do

Have you received a warning or decision on a reduction of your activity grant, development allowance or introduction benefit? Before we make a final decision, you have the opportunity to give us your opinions and comments:

Response to communication before a decision on a warning or sanction