Our assignment

We are Sweden’s largest employment service. Our job is to match those who are looking for employees with those who are looking for work as efficiently as possible.

We contribute to increased employment

Fundamentally, our assignment is about contributing to a well-functioning labour market. An important task for us is also proving those who find it difficult to enter the labour market with the right tools. In this way, we contribute to preventing exclusion and to increased employment.

Our assignment also includes checking that employers who receive individual recruitment incentives comply with the regulations. We also ensure that those who are registered as unemployed comply with the regulations so that they can receive the right support from the unemployment insurance fund and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, among others.

We help jobseekers and employers to find each other

We are available to our customers wherever they are - online, by phone, chat and video meetings, as well as at our offices all over the country. All our services are free of charge.

What we offer jobseekers

What we offer employers (in Swedish)

We work on behalf of parliament and government

The Government gives us assignments, both ongoing and via appropriation directions. Appropriation directions are the decisions issued by the Government each year in order to regulate the activities of a government agency.

Here are some examples of activities the Government has decided that we are to carry out.

Establishment of new immigrants

We have responsibility for coordinating the establishment in the labour market of certain new immigrants. We are to provide new immigrants with the conditions that allow them to learn Swedish, find a job and support themselves as quickly as possible. Part of this work involves identifying those new immigrants who do not have the knowledge required by the labour market and ensuring that they focus primarily on education and training. We are also to offer skills assessments for asylum seekers in order to speed up their establishment if they are granted a Swedish residence permit.

Organisations that contributes to faster pathways into the labour market for new immigrants is able to apply for subsidies for this.

Promotional funding for relevant actors (in Swedish)

Employability Rehabilitation Programme

The Employability Rehabilitation Programme is an activity we run in partnership with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. The goal is for more people with a reduced working capacity due to disability or ill health to be able to return to work. We make it easier to enter the labour market by harnessing and developing the jobseeker’s resources and skills.

Higher employment for people with disabilities

Despite many employers having difficulty finding staff, the unemployment rate is high among people with disabilities. We need to change this. The employment rate among people with disabilities shall increase and unemployment shall decrease. The Government’s national objective for its disability policy is to achieve equality in living conditions and full
participation for people with disabilities in a society founded on diversity. This objective is based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

European Employment Services – EURES

Our assignment includes facilitating the free movement of labour and employers’ opportunities to recruit from within the EU/EEA and Switzerland. This is based on Sweden’s EU membership and is achieved through the EURES cooperation. Arbetsförmedlingen is also involved in other partnerships within the EU and internationally.

European and international work

Arbetsförmedlingen – a new government agency in 2022

Under the January agreement between the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Green Party, Arbetsförmedlingen will be fundamentally reformed. The national government is to retain responsibility for labour market policy via Arbetsförmedlingen but a new system is to be developed in which independent actors match and equip jobseekers for the available jobs.

We are preparing to become a new government agency (in Swedish)

Digital first

The majority of our services can now be managed digitally. The purpose of digitalisation is to make it easier for our customers to get in contact with us, manage and gain more control over their cases.

We are labour market experts

We provide society with analyses, information and forecasts about the development of the labour market, jobseekers, professions and labour market policy programmes. This supports a functioning labour market.

Statistics (in Swedish)

Governance and results

Our activities are governed by regulations and appropriation directions. Here you can read more about what governs our assignment and how we conduct evaluations afterwards.

Governance and results (in Swedish)