When you are looking for jobs in mining

Mining has a significant role in northern Sweden's labour market and other parts of the country. When you apply for jobs you can get help from employment officers who are experts in jobs in the mining sector.

Our industry employment service in Kiruna can help those with relevant education and training or sufficient work experience to get a job in mining.

Here you can find information about mining, as well as contact information.

Upper secondary education

  • The building and construction programme
  • The electricity and energy programme
  • The vehicle and transport programme
  • The industry engineering programme
  • The HVAC and sanitation and property programme

At some upper secondary schools, there are also special courses that focus on mining. These courses are usually run in close collaboration with mining companies and give students opportunities for relevant work experience.

Higher vocational education

  • Miner/technician
  • Plant engineer
  • Process technician

Higher vocational education is run in close collaboration with companies and organisations that need manpower. The education and training is at a higher education level and entitles you to student aid from the Swedish National Board of Student Aid (CSN).

Higher Vocational Education (yrkeshogskolan.se)

University education

Many universities offer degree programmes such as, for example, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a Master of Science in Engineering. Education that specialises in mining can be found at Luleå University of Technology and Bergsskolan in Filipstad, among others.


Labour market training

  • Miner and Process Technician
  • Commercial Driver/Trucks CE
  • Machine Driver
  • Electrician
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Vehicle Mechanic

As a registered jobseeker with Arbetsförmedlingen, you can, in some cases, take labour market training. This relatively short training programme is intended to make it easier for you to get a job more quickly. Arbetsförmedlingen makes the decision as to whether you may start labour market training. The length of training is individual and depends on your background and training.

Labour market training programme

There are many different industries and occupations in mining, so skills requirements vary a great deal. What jobs in mining often have in common are basic requirements for language, security and availability.

More information about jobs in mining

Sweden has three dominant mining areas: Malmfälten, Västerbotten and Bergslagen. Municipalities in which there is mining are:

  • Kiruna
  • Gällivare
  • Pajala
  • Skellefteå
  • Lycksele
  • Norsjö
  • Östhammar
  • Askersund
  • Lindesberg

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