Find the right employer


What’s the most important thing when you choose an employer? Here are some tips for finding an employer who lives up to your expectations.

What does your dream workplace look like?

Your choice of occupation is more or less unconsciously guided by how you want things to be, what you consider good and bad, and what is important to you in life. If you then find an employer with values and a company culture that match your expectations, the chances are that you will thrive. Here are some things to check before you accept the job.

  • Get to know your values and driving forces. In Do-it-yourself career guidance you can find concrete tips and exercises for putting what you think is important in a job into words. You can then compare what you have written with what you learn about your future employer.
  • Be ready during the interview. If you have made it through to the job interview stage, make sure you have prepared some questions for the employer. This is a good chance to match up what you think is important in a workplace. For example, you can ask the boss to describe the company culture, views on the work environment, leadership etc. Also contact the union representative and ask questions.
  • List your most important wellbeing factors. Choose three things that are most important to you in terms of job satisfaction. Then you know what to look for in your dream employer.

Get to know the company

Be curious. Get to know as much as you can about the company you are interested in. Look at the company’s website and social media channels. This gives you a feeling of what the company culture is like and what the company’s values are. Google the workplace and see in what sort of context it has featured in the media.

Perhaps you even know somebody at the workplace? Meet them for coffee and ask what it’s like to work there.