Instagram – more than just pictures

The photo and video sharing app Instagram can also be used to find job vacancies. Here are some tips for quickly getting started with your job search on Instagram.

Use Instagram by uploading a post or story with a picture and ask your followers for ideas that could lead you to a job. You can also follow interesting companies. Many of them share their job vacancies on Instagram.

Some companies advertise on Instagram; these are called sponsored posts. If you often search for job-related content, you will start to see sponsored posts based on your searches. In this way, advertisements can also give you tips about vacancies.

Tips for using Instagram

  • Reach out to many. Choose to have a public account, not a private one. In this way you reach more Instagram users and your posts can be found by others, for example, through the hashtags you use in your post captions.
  • Market yourself. Write a couple of lines about yourself in a professional context and add a link so that employers and others can read more, for example, link to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio or blog.

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