Find jobs with social media

Many employers use social media to recruit new employees. To increase your chances of getting a job, it is a good idea to be active on social media. Here you can find some tips on how to look for jobs via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and X (former Twitter).

Get started with social media

Before you start to look for jobs via social media, it is a good idea to find out what there is about you on the internet. Many employers google their candidates to get a better impression of them. There may be pictures and posts that you have forgotten about.

If you are not happy with what comes up, you can fine-tune the picture it paints of you. Partly by going to the source of the images or text you want to remove and partly by adding new information. Upload pictures that represent you today and write on job and industry-related forums such as blogs, trade union websites and companies that have various groups.

Remember to be active on all social media that you use. Dare to be creative!

Read more about the different channels

Facebook - find jobs via your friends

Instagram - more than just pictures

Linkedin - your best job tool

X (former Twitter) - follow and find jobs

Tips for using social media

  • Keep a lookout for recruitment meetings. Companies and organisations that arrange seminars and meetings often share invites on social media.
  • Think long term. Stay active in groups and continue to show your network your skills. Who knows when the next exciting job will turn up

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