Yrkes- och studieförberedande moduler

Preparatory Career and Study Modules is a guidance-based course. The aim of the course is that you will identify two tangible, realistic careers that you want to focus on. You will also have developed a clear plan describing how you will achieve your goal.


The course starts with an initial conversation in which you, together with a supervisor, plan the content and structure based on what you need to be able to make a realistic study or career choice.

The content can be, for example:

  • information about the labour market and about different occupations
  • information about studies and how to provide for yourself during your studies
  • study visits to different educational institutions, to gain an insight into what it can be like to study in adult education, folk high school, university or to attend a labour market education programme
  • study visits or short placements at workplaces so you can familiarise yourself with different occupations and be able to make practical, realistic career choices
  • individual study and career guidance discussions every two weeks to support you in making your actual career and study choice.

For whom

Preparatory Career and Study Modules are for those who:

  • are registered as job-seekers at the Public Employment Service
  • have no vocational training or clear vocational direction, or need to change their career path
  • need study and career guidance in order to be able to make well-considered study and career choices.

It is possible to get language support, and the content has been put into simple Swedish for those who need this.

How it works

The guidance-based course Preparatory Career and Study Modules is given by various training companies around the country, on our behalf. Contact us if you think you may need in-depth guidance to make your career and study choices. You can see here which municipalities offer Preparatory Career and Study Modules.

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Guidance-based course for those under the age of 25

In some municipalities there is a special focus on preparatory career and study modules adapted for those under the age of 25. It is known as “YSM UNG”. The content has been adapted to those who are young and relatively new to the labour market. You participate in a group with people of the same age. Contact us if you think YSM UNG might be right for you. You can see here which municipalities offer this course.

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Benefit and conditions

When you receive this support, you are taking part in a programme. You can then apply for benefit from Försäkringskassan. Here, you will find out more about how to apply for the benefit and what rules apply when you take part in one of our programmes.

When you take part in a programme

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