Yrkes- och studieförberedande moduler

The professional and study preparatory module is a guidance course intended to provide you support in finding a profession that you would like to begin studying to join. Or support to find a profession where you can apply for jobs directly.


In this guidance course, you will learn:

  • what it is like to work in Sweden,
  • how the Swedish labour market works,
  • about the importance of education in order to get a job,
  • about various forms of adult education,
  • about how to support yourself during your studies,
  • about various professions where there is a need for workers.

Study visits or practical placement may also be included in order for you to determine if it is a profession that suits you. There is also the possibility of obtaining basic computer skills.

There are two variants of the professional and study preparatory module:

  • Target group 1: For you if you are learning Swedish.
  • Target group 2: For you if you have completed Sfi D.

For whom

Target group 1

This guidance course is for you if you are learning Swedish and have a short educational background. You can choose to take the course full time or to combine the course with Sfi studies. Language support is offered in the course, but you need to be able to understand and speak basic Swedish to participate.

Places and dates where the course is offered

Target group 2

This guidance course is for you if you have good Swedish language skills, have completed Sfi D as a minimum and have a long educational background, including nine years of compulsory school or the equivalent as a minimum.

Places and dates where the course is offered

This is how it works

The goal of this guidance course is for you to identify two concrete professions that you want and can study further to join or have conditions to apply for jobs in directly. After the end of the course, you will have made your own clear planning for what you must do to achieve your goal to be able to work with what you want.

Financial assistance

You can receive financial assistance during the time you are attending a professional and study preparatory module. Talk with us about what applies to you.

Compensation when you are participating in a programme


You are covered by personal injury and group life insurance when you participate in a professional and study preparatory module.

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Kontakta oss

Förbered dig så att du kan motivera varför stödet kan öka dina möjligheter till jobb.


Tillsammans kartlägger vi din situation. En arbetsförmedlare bedömer om stödet är ett bra sätt att öka dina möjligheter till jobb.


Vilket stöd vi kan erbjuda dig beror på hur just din situation ser ut. Vem som har rätt till ett stöd regleras ytterst av regeringen.