Your collaboration records will help us improve “Rusta och matcha”

When you take part in “Rusta och matcha”, you will also be part of a European Social Fund (ESF) project.

ESF projects are financed using public funding so in order to ensure the proper use of the funds, the European Social Fund gathers information on the participants and their progress after they have taken part in the project. Thanks to this, the European Social Fund and Arbetsförmedlingen are able to learn more about “Rusta och matcha” and thereby offer even better matching services to job-seekers in the future.

What do I have to do?

Every month, your supplier will document the activities you have carried out according to the plan you drew up together. Every month, you will be able to see this report, known as your “collaboration record”, under My Pages. You will need to read through and approve your collaboration record, to ensure that you and your supplier agree the information is correct.

Does the collaboration record replace the ordinary activity report?

No, you must still fill in and submit an activity report every month in order for you to receive your benefit.

What happens after I approve my collaboration record?

If you approve your collaboration record, that is, you agree with your supplier that the information in the record is correct and you give consent to the information not being confidential, the data will be sent on to the European Social Fund and Statistics Sweden (SCB). Information about what consent means can be found under My Pages.

What happens if I don't agree with the information provided by the supplier?

You can only either agree or disagree with the entire month's activities in your collaboration record. Currently, the service does not allow you to comment on specific items of information on which you do not agree with your supplier. For example, if you have performed a task for less than an hour, the report will still count it as a full hour.

What happens if I do not submit an answer?

The collaboration record is voluntary. If you do not answer it, it will not affect your benefit, that you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen or your collaboration with your supplier. However, it is very valuable for Arbetsförmedlingen so that we can continue to develop our matching service. Therefore, we are grateful if you can tell us whether the collaboration record is correct or not.

Does the cooperation history affect how much the provider is paid by Arbetsförmedlingen?

The results from the cooperation history – activities and hours – is only a report between Arbetsförmedlingen and the European Social Fund. The cooperation history has no relationship with the provider’s performance-based remuneration from Arbetsförmedlingen.

More questions?

If you have more questions about your collaboration record, please contact us. If the questions relate to specific activities, contact your supplier.

More information about the European Social Fund and your participation in the project

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