Introduktion till arbete

You can receive support via special resources to prepare you for work if you are not yet ready to apply for a job or attend an educational programme/training course.

What is it

If you have out of from the labour market for an extended period of time and are unsure of your capability to work, you can receive support via special resources to prepare you for work. The goal here is for you to start working, while at the same time you will have access to support and follow-up.

In the first part of the Introduction to Work, you will have the opportunity to make a survey and identify your resources and obtain assistance in finding appropriate occupational areas and gradually increase your capacity for work. After the survey, you can either continue with the guiding and preparatory special resources or start working. Throughout the programme you participate in activities, learn more about health, and can obtain support in finding structure and routines in order to combine your daily life with a job.

Whom it is for

The special resources and support is intended for those who have been out of the labour market for a long period of time and who are unsure of their capabilities and the type of work that may be suitable for them.

Here’s how it works

  • First, we must have made the decision that you are in need of special resources to prepare you for work.
  • Prior to the commencement, we will develop a plan together with the vendor providing the special resources. The vendor identifies and maps out your needs and the support that best suits you.
  • The time for the special resources is adapted to your particular circumstances and capabilities.

During the time the special resources are offered, we will have regular discussions where we monitor your personal development and discuss your view of how the activities are working out.


You are covered by personal injury and group life insurance when you participate in the Introduction to Work programme.

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Kontakta oss

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Tillsammans kartlägger vi din situation. En arbetsförmedlare bedömer om stödet är ett bra sätt att öka dina möjligheter till jobb.


Vilket stöd vi kan erbjuda dig beror på hur just din situation ser ut. Vem som har rätt till ett stöd regleras ytterst av regeringen.

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