Application for government grants for employee organizations for submitting statements

Employee organisations can apply for government grants that finance part of the time spent on submitting statements in connection with labour market policy decisions.

How does the government grant work?

The provisions mean that employee organisations can apply for grants annually in arrears. Grants may be made for a maximum of 50 percent of the reported costs.

If the approved costs in the applications received add up to a higher amount than the allocated funds, the grant is distributed among the employee organisations in proportion to the number of statements we have received.

How do I apply for the government grant?

Arbetsförmedlingen has produced an application form to facilitate what information we need to obtain regarding claims for government grants.

In the application form, you must state a specific amount and an account of how the amount is calculated. You must also state the number of statements you have submitted during the year to which the application relates.

Application form for government grants from employee organisations (in Swedish) Pdf, 392 kB.