When you become unemployed

The contact you have with the Swedish Public Employment Service may vary depending on how long you are out of work. If you already know that you will have a job within 3 months, you will not have a planning discussion with us. Then you only use our digital services.


You can register with the Public Employment Service on your first day of unemployment on our website using electronic identification. Contact your unemployment benefit office and apply for benefit. If you have questions about unemployment benefit and your membership, please contact the unemployment benefit office directly.


Planning discussion

If you already know that you will start work or studying within 3 months, you will not have a planning discussion with us. If you have a planning discussion with us, you will learn more about what you need to do and what you can get help with. The meeting lasts for a maximum of 30 minutes, so it is extra important to prepare for the meeting carefully. During the meeting we will together develop a plan that will help you to work or study.

Before the planning discussion

My Pages

Your personal pages - My Pages - will help you follow your planning. You and an employment officer agree on what activities will suit you best. This may for example be to take part in a webinar, write a CV or study Swedish. After this, it is important that you keep your plan alive and take your own initiatives to reach your goals.

If you already know that you will start studies or work within 3 months, you will receive an automatic plan on My Pages.

My Pages

Reporting your activities

You must submit an activity report every month. This is important so that you can be given the right support on your way to work or education and so that you can receive your benefit from the social insurance agency Försäkringskassan or the unemployment benefit office. You must submit your activity report no earlier than the 1st and no later than the 14th of every month.

Reporting your activities

Ask us

If you need help, you can telephone or chat with an employment officer. You can also ask about programmes, training and education and other support. The fastest way to reach us is by chatting.


Get extra support and follow-up

If you have been unemployed for a long time, are under 25 years of age or newly arrived in the country, you can get extra support by participating in a programme. Talk to an employment officer who can assess whether you have special needs.

Support if you are unemployed


It is important that you notify us when you have got a job or are going to study. To do this, click De-register. If you have chosen to de-register within 3 months, you will receive a reminder 10 days before the de-registration date.


How the corona virus affects you as a job seeker

Some questions and answers that are good for you to keep track of regarding the corona virus Covid-19.

Questions and answers