Using the activity report

Do not report activity

We have temporarily removed the requirement for activity reporting. You will still receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

You are to start reporting your activities on 1-14 July again. It is then just the activities for June that you will start reporting for. We will inform you when it is time to report activity again.

This is how the service works with which you report your activities. The online activity report is available in Swedish, English and Arabic.


How to fill in your details (in Swedish)

This film will show you step by step how to report your activities on our website.

Change language

When logged in to the activity report, you can select the language on the first page and also on the submitted reports page. To select a language, click on “Languages”.

Good to know:

  • If you download your submitted activity report as a PDF, it is only shown in Swedish. This is so you can use it for your unemployment benefits society (a-kassa) and other Swedish authorities.
  • We are only able to receive completed activity reports in Swedish.

How to report your activities

1. Click on “Logga in”

Bild på var man loggar in

2. Log in using one of the following methods:

  • Mobile bank-id – installed on your smartphone
  • Bank-id – installed on your computer
  • Telia e-legitimation
Bild på hur man väljer hur man vill logga in

3. Click on “Lägg in aktiviteter”

Bild på Till aktivitetsrapporten

4. Begin reporting your activities by filling in any details you have:

  • compulsory activities and assigned jobs
  • recommended activities and suggested jobs

Click “Klar” if you have completed the activity, and choose the date on which the activity took place.

Bild på olika aktiviteter

5. Add your own activities by clicking "Lägg till ny aktivitet".

Bild på knapp Lägg till aktiviteter

Choose an activity from the list. Fill in the information requested. Click "Spara".


Information requested

Applied for advertised job (Sökt jobb)

Date, employer, what job you applied for, location

Sent in notification of interest (Lämnat intresseanmälan)

Date, employer, what job you applied for, location

Interview (Intervju)

Date, employer, what job you applied for, location

Reqruitment meeting (Rekryteringsträff)

Date, profession, industry

Worked (Jobbat)

Start date, end date, extent*, employer

Studied (Studerat)

Start date, end date, extent**, course arranger

Taking part in rehab (Deltar i rehabsamverkan)

Start date, end date, describe

Other activity (Annan aktivitet)

Start date, end date, describe

* The scope can be full-time, part-time or hourly employment
** Extent can be full-time or part-time

6. If the report is correct, click “Skicka in din aktivitetsrapport”

Bild på Skicka in din aktivitetsrapport

Submit blank activity report

If you have nothing to report, you can submit a blank activity report. However, keep in mind that this may affect your unemployment benefit payment or benefit from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

To submit a blank report, click “Skicka in din aktivitetsrapport”, see step 6. You will be given the opportunity to provide a reason for submitting a blank report. Submit a blank report by clicking on the “Skicka” button.

Bild på Tom aktivitetsrapport