Electronic ID, bankID, Freja e-ID

Here you will find out what electronic ID and bankID are and how to get one. At Arbetsförmedlingen, you use electronic ID to identify yourself and to log in to My Pages.

How do I log in with an electronic ID?

There are two ways to sign in to arbetsformedlingen.se:

  • The easiest way is to use your electronic ID, the most common being Mobile bankID, or bankID on your computer, Freja electronic ID plus or Telia electronic ID.
  • You can also log in with a username and password.

In order to log in to arbetsformedlingen.se from our customer work stations, you must log in using mobile Bank ID.

What is an electronic ID?

Electronic ID is an electronic identification document enabling you to verify your identity on the internet.

There are different kinds of electronic ID. the most common is Mobile bankID and bankID on your computer. Another electronic ID is Freja electronic ID.

How do I get an electronic ID?

You can install the electronic ID either on your smartphone or on your computer. It is convenient to have the electronic ID in your mobile so that you always have your electronic ID with you.

How to get a bankID

You get a bankID by logging into your online bank. You will find all the information you need there. If you do not have an online bank you can go to a bank and get help there. Getting electronic ID is free.

List of banks where you can get bankID (bankid.com)

How to get Freja electronic ID plus

You do not need an online bank if you have Freja electronic ID plus. You can read about getting Freja electronic ID plus on the Freja electronic ID website.

Get Freja electronic ID plus (frejaeid.com)

Can I link my account with username and password to my electronic ID?

Yes, that is fine. To do this:

  • Click Sign in.
  • Choose which electronic ID you want to use.
  • Follow the instructions to make a secure identification using electronic ID.
  • Enter your username and password for your Swedish Public Employment Services account and click on “Link account to bankID/electronic ID”.
  • Done! Log in again with your electronic ID.

Logging on from another EU country

To use Arbetsförmedlingen’s digital services if you are in another European country, you need an e-ID connected to a Swedish personal identity number or coordination number. It is not possible to use our digital services with an international e-ID.

Your e-ID is a valuable document

Your e-ID is a personal ID document, in exactly the same way as your passport, driving licence and ID card. It is therefore important that you protect your e-ID so that no one else can access it. You can find out about how to protect your e-ID at the website of the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG).

Protect your e-ID (elegitimation.se)